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A day in Sleuth


Nov-19-2006 12:22

Open a case, wanted to change to a full set smart equips. Click on one equip. Nothing happens. The download meter of your browser is not moving. Is it hanging? Is it just being slow? The download speed seems to be crawling like a snail (30+ players online). Should I click it again? But if I click it again I may risk losing the equip (A bug?). Better not use the smart equips AT ALL. Might as well sell it all, at least you can get a sum of money out of it.

Went on to play a villain hunt. Got a clue, getting closer. Got another clue, getting closer another clue. Getting closer. Got a forth clue, totally useless. Only one more clue left. The final hint is the crucial one. Yet, with the random nature, I had a higher percentage of getting an old clue rather then the new and final one. Should I quit the hunt or continue? Instead of relying on experience, skills and knowledge, I am now finding myself relying totally on Lady Luck. (Should I switch to playing a casino game instead?)

A very sad, confuse and frustrating day..

P.S. This is just a personal opinion. Instead of having enjoyment, I seem to be experiencing frustration. I had only myself to blame. Being not able to log in daily, I had no idea how to get a book, how to get favor points from the tigers etc. Someone sent me a post regarding an Arch Villain League. Went on to the website and can’t figure out what it is all about. Naturally too ashamed to give a reply. Going on a stage of hibernation to do some soul-searching! Will still log in but not playing the game for some time.



Nov-19-2006 12:34

Awwwwww Delvin. *hugs* I can relate. I don't have the time to sit down at the moment and figure out all the new toys Ben has given us either. I found to get through my villian hunts I really had to just not care about quitting cases and just enjoying sipping ice tea as I through the ones I didn't want to deal with out the window, papers scattering and fluttering on the breeze. :)

It's kinda like getting used to not hunting. It took a while to adjust to, but then, it was soooo stress free. I'm glad that you aren't going to go back into hiding on us again! You aren't the exhiled player you want to think you are!!

You are one of our oldest detectives and you add a great deal to the community!

((For those who don't know, Delvin is the man who gives us Reapers and one of the few remaining original detectives. He likes to go into hiding when he thinks he's stirred up trouble. *shakes her head* Silly boy. He doesn't stir up things half as bad as some of the rest of us! *blushes and dashes off to find him*))

Lucky Stiff

Nov-19-2006 12:55

Delvin I know your pain my dear :)

And don't be worried about asking AVL questions, everyone has them, I'll PM you ok?

:) chin up man, it will get better...tomorrow is another day :)

R Anstett
R Anstett

Nov-20-2006 06:22

Delvin and CFM, I think that this is a very good thing actually that we have so many new aspects that it can be overwhelming for a returning player.

That shows that the game holds promise for the new people coming in. Those out there are just starting will look forward to being able to try an AV hunt "one day" or the day you find your first book.

It has helped me to hear what the newer players are asking about so that when we train them we are guiding them towards where they want to be. Hunting as an individual? Hunting as a group? Exploring on your own the various ins and outs of the cities?

Lots to catalog and have ready to diseminate to those people who want to learn. I do think the community is more open lately about discussing things which is a very good thing.

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