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The Joy of Sleuthing
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Hawkeye Harris
Hawkeye Harris
Battered Shoe

Nov-17-2006 18:14

I just want to say, in the midst of all this, that I am still really enjoying this game! After making several trips to Cairo, and working diligently, I found myself in possession of something which led me into a precarious environment. However, I prevailed and await further instructions and rewards! Such is the game called Sleuth...
My officers are also discovering the joys, wonder, and frustration of Shangri-La. Let the missions begin!
I don't always like change, but I am an adaptable creature, I will survive. I hope others won't give up too soon, because I think that there are other discoveries waiting in the wings. And for experienced detectives who are a bit bored, AV hunts can really make your heart beat faster when you're zeroing in! I've laid off of the hunts to help my new agency, but I will be back soon.
I don't mean to sound like Pollyanna, but everyone here subscribed and solved countless cases for a reason, and I think it was for joy of the game. Hopefully, any serious problems will be ironed out, so that other legendary detectives won't leave us. Anyway, just MHO -
I don't want to lose this


Eagle Eye Flo
Eagle Eye Flo

Nov-18-2006 14:39

I love thia game. I like the challange of solving cases. I like the idea of an agency where real world friends and online friends get together to assist each other for a common goal of winning a hunt.
Thank you Ben, Sunny and anyone else who is involved for creating this wonderful game.

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