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Agency Questions
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Amber Woodlock
Amber Woodlock

Nov-15-2006 13:12
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I am maybe looking to join an agency but I have a few questions about agencies if anyone can help:

Do I have to be based in the same city as the agency?

When it says 'Maximum Case Files per Detective' what does this mean?

What exactly does an agency do?



Jan-9-2012 16:27


I was sent an invitation from an agency and I realized I've had doubts about it: How much time does it take to be regularly and actively involved in an agency? (weekly, daily whatever specification)
Is there a time specified by the agency in order for the detectives to work together on a case or hunts whatever?
Otherwise, can detectives commit to their work all alone so that they do their share of it but the requited detectives alone get to decide when to log in and participate as long as "when" is sensible enough(what time duration is sensible in that case - as in deadline for a treasure hunt or other stuff unbeknownst to me that you do?

In short, what is expected of detectives? If the answer was already posted elsewhere then could you please share the link?

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Jan-10-2012 04:30

What's expected varies hugely from agency to agency. Some are treasure-hunting powerhouses and will expect you to play a full part in that, others are more about helping each other out and creating a fun place to be. You need to talk it over with whoever's sent you the invite, to check what they want from you, and whether you're a good fit for that agency. Directors should be clear about what their expectations are.

By the way, detectives don't all need to work on a treasure hunt at the same time. It's usually a process that takes several days. Blue Pagoda have explained in detail how it works (as well as lots of other useful info) on their website at (scroll down for the treasure hunting bit).

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