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'Doomsayer: The Prisoner' HELP!!!
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Amber Woodlock
Amber Woodlock

Nov-15-2006 13:01

I am currently on this featured case and am completely stuck.

I have spoken to all of the shop keepers who now have nothing new to tell me, None of my suspects have anything else to say and I have done research which didn't really help me.

Also none have my suspects have motive so I can't even try guessing.

I really don't want to have to quit this case but I have 9 left for today and would really like to do some more. Any help would be grand. Thanks.

P.S. Please PM me with any ideas so as not to spoil this case for others.



Nov-15-2006 22:23

Amber, you may also want to wait to tackle this mystery until you've gotten some more skills. The difficulty levels on the featured mysteries don't quite correspond to the difficulty on the random mysteries. The featured ones tend to be a bit harder even if the difficulty level is the same.

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