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To Chron
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Solve A Lot2
Solve A Lot2
Assistant Librarian

Nov-14-2006 12:29

Chron, I had heard that you closed ERF, but I did not realize that you also retired your detective. I was very sad to see that.

You have put alot of time and energy into this game, and to give it all up because of the opinion of a loud minority is wrong.

I do not think you did anything unethical. Each day, we are given 12 cases - if they are not used, they are lost. No one wanted to implement a system of roll over - I have suggested it many times.

As a paying player, I have a right to decide what happens to my cases. I prefer to have them used by someone who is going to work on them and solve them. Am I to assume that most people would prefer to have the cases lost, then to be used by someone else? If so, what a selfish attitude!

I think the only people who can decide whether or not something is unethical, are the people who are giving up their cases. If they do not have a problem with it, why should anyone else interfer.

As for the high score list - So what if someone is number 1 and I am number 500,000 - does that take away from my enjoyment of the game? What does the #1 Detective get that I don't get? More cases? A larger office?? More money??

Again, I am sorry that you have left Sleuth. I will miss you.


Logan Creed
Logan Creed

Nov-15-2006 08:51

Thanks for the ideas and support, Chron.

You and the team at ERF will be missed. Good luck to you and I hope we will see more of you in Sleuthville in another incarnation.


Nov-15-2006 15:18

Yeah Chron you were true leader of ERF! Salute and thanks i have been part of it for this few months!

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