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Justin's Freakshow Lounge
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Con Artist

Nov-12-2006 22:48

Good evening ladies and germs. I think its high time we had some actual fun on these here message boards. So in addition to the anything and everything thread, lets open this up to all sorts of hijinx.

<Best Busker Voice>
Ladies and Gentlemen
Boys and Girls
Welcome to the greatest show on earth!
Will Justin post lyrics from Gilbert and Sullivan?
Will he kidnap Terrance Zorn again??????
Stay tuned. Same bat time, same bat channel.


Peach Pearl
Peach Pearl

Nov-19-2006 11:34

Hey Jroepel, I think you might like this for your Freakshow Lounge. Here it is:

Trey Lin
Trey Lin
Assistant Librarian

Nov-30-2006 18:06

Who's got the freak on???

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