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Top Villain Hunters and new steepers/tigers rankings on High Scores page
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Nov-10-2006 00:06

In an effort to recognize achievements players have made in regards to the new content areas, we've added three new leader-boards to the High Scores section:

1) Top villain Hunters
2) Known Tea Steeper Collaborators
3) Trusted Tiger Sympathizers


Carrie Mehome
Carrie Mehome

Nov-10-2006 11:14

Thank you Ben! it makes it soooo much easier for me to keep my eye on you know who....heheheh

Old Shoe

Nov-11-2006 01:27

That´s sooo cool, thanks Ben :D


Nov-12-2006 07:45

I hope that's annoucing others updates.
These high score have been requested by a lot of players, but currently they don't seem really interresting to me.
actually I read this:
1/ top solo gamer
2/ top money wasp on my right
3/ top money wasp on my left

Note: these comments are voluntarly not objective, Because I'll like to see these high score more substancial in the future.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Nov-12-2006 08:56

I get top solo gamer, but what is money wasp on my right or left?


Nov-12-2006 09:31

sorry, *waste (should use babel fish more often :()

The high score ranking is based on the incredibly hard favor item that you borrow to these factions, if you consider the traveling cost, (and the trading...)

Actually, I don't see the goal?
-the amont of money you could have saved?
-is there a special skill like with others factions (or the same one?)

about the top hunt:
I my mind it could be really better if the player was just unable to store AI AVH (new case category) THAN if he have to choose between this and remain of the game.
I can't really think to see a new category off solo gamers emerging, and doing this high score interresting.

So that's why I'm wondering if we will have new update giving more importance to them.
The most challenging they are, the most interresting the game is.

After if I'm not interrested by these high score I have just to not apply. (what I'm doing currently).

Battered Shoe

Nov-12-2006 10:33

Getting in with these factions can get you special skills, Neritina. That's the major point of the whole thing.

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