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Flirting and charm--???

balash 2
balash 2

Nov-3-2006 01:08

I'm very tough

I have Hypnotism and I'm wondering:
if I get flirting will it make that work better?

Is there any connection?

Is Flirting just for Charming types?



Old Shoe

Nov-3-2006 01:12

No, flirting will not affect hypnotism. Flirting will give you a considerable boost when using sweet talking or rule bending.


Nov-3-2006 01:21

Any type of detective can use flirting when s/he uses sweet talking and rule bending.

But the skill would be cheaper for a charming detective.

also it's better to choose either tough or charm to begin with. Since you are tough you better stick with tough skills.
Later when you have all the basic skills you can decide to expand to charm as well.

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