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How not to name posts (thanks Moonsh)
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Oct-29-2006 09:07
(sticky post)

Since we have loads of threads named: "Help" Quick question" and "Please Help!!!" I dug up this old thread Moonsh has once posted in sleuth talk. This words are words of wisdom. Please read them ;)

Please be specific about your topic when you name posts, rather than say "a thought" or "a suggestion." It's nice to be able to get a sense of what the thread will be about without having to open it, and sometimes someone has a great suggestion, but it's hard to remember which "Another Suggestion" it is, so I open up several wrong threads before I find the discussion I am looking for.



The reason I think this is also important in newbie boards is so other players can find the same great answers you got! Others may have the same question, but will never find it if all the posts are named HELP or something similar.
So, please try to write what's your question is about in your topic.


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Oct-9-2007 07:06

Ok what I meant was that your post doesn't belong in this thread! This thread is for posting and how to do it properly, not how to get rid of FA's.

I meant to say I think that post should be moved elsewhere, but don't think it can be done so nevermind~

Old Shoe

Oct-10-2007 00:03

Nope, we can't do that. Sadly, his failure to NAME HIS POST (Jeeeeezus, is that irony I smell? Or is it javex?), and instead just go ahead and rub one out on the living room carpet without bothering to look into who might be watching, is really in the hands of his guidance counselor and/or absentee parent. Would if we could.

Stratus: 459 days played and 600 experience?

That's just inexcusable. Unless you have a thing for black and white photos. You poor thing, You must NEVER be able to even walk by a 'Most Wanted' poster without pitching a tent. That must be so hard.

Heh. I totally said 'hard'.

Cro Magnon
Cro Magnon

May-20-2022 02:27

Is this still relevant to keep as a sticky post? I mean it's not that we're getting loads of posts anymore.

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