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lotz of ???s

Sleuthgirl Ciara
Sleuthgirl Ciara

Oct-22-2006 02:10

OK guys be kind b-cuz I am SOOOOO new to this game but,

How R U supposed to catch a murdrer without getting killed urself? I quite like 3 cases already because someone threw a knife at me, & I DONT want to die!! heehee.

and, where do i find the shaddy character? I read somewhere that he can clean your record and i want to get rid of my quit cases!!

one moer thing--- i want to start an agency named margaritaville since i saw that name on the list and i LOOOOOOOVE jimmy buffet! Is it ok to do that & how do i buy an agency?



Oct-22-2006 03:27

Most of the twists dont affect you at all, so no need to quit the case. You cant get killed in this game. You can only get retired if you accuse wrongly for 3 times. The twists that DO affect your detective are the ones of the lady with magnifying glass (faction standing) and the ones with Larry the Toe.

The shady guy is at the bar. He can clean your false accusations. So if you accuse falsley for 2 times go see him. The third one will get you retired (equivillant of killed).
The shady guy cant clean your quits. They are there to stay. But that's ok. Quits can't harm you. It is way better to quit than guess.

If you want to start or join an agency you have to be subscribed. Then go to real estate to buy an agency or read the recruiting board to join an existing one.

It would be considered bad taste if you choose a name that already exists or something very similar to it. So try to find an original name for your agency. GL!

Sleuthgirl Ciara
Sleuthgirl Ciara

Oct-23-2006 21:53

thank u reda :D one moer question thogh sorry it's so dumb. why does every1 say so much about pms??? is it bcuz of the nancy drew???

Old Shoe

Oct-23-2006 22:52

No, pm's are private messages. You use them to send mesages to other detectives, exactly like emails

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