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suggestion re lone wolves

Sleuth About Town

Oct-17-2006 09:53

With the new changes to the game, I think we lone wolves are going to seem like needy pests : )

Maybe there can be something incorporated into the game where lone wolves can cooperate with agencies in exchange for being able to access/barter items

Maybe a monthly fee to an agency to be on their swap list. Or maybe agencies can help us out by announcing sale days where lone wolves can come and buy items?

I dont want to take on the responsiblity of being in an agency, so I opened up my own cellar just to have a locker but it really doesnt help much.

I want to go to Cairo..sigh....


Battered Shoe

Oct-17-2006 09:58

I think what you'd need to do is advertise on the board--like in the Trading Post thread for example--what you need, and what you might have in exchange for it. Then you can negotiate with the other person to invite them into your agency for the exchange. In fact, there are many people in the game who would just give you the item you need, if they had it, no exchange or payment necessary. You just have to ask :)

Also, use your locker to store favour items, because once you do get what you need for a mission, you may find that you already have the next mission item.

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