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physical evidence


Apr-26-2004 19:57

I was just wondering how physical evidence is determined. Why do I sometimes get 4 bloody footprints? Is it totally random, or does it have anything to do with my smarts? Do more smarts make physical evidence more diverse?


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Apr-26-2004 20:41

The harder the case, the more physical evidence there is. What type of evidence each piece actually is, is random.

If you don't have either Thread analysis or hair analysis, you won't see that kind of evidence. That doesn't mean it's not there, you just don't see it.

That's basically all there is, other than whether or not any of the evidence is further analysed, which depends on a combination of having the appropriate Skill, luck, and any smarts test modifying equipment you are using.


Apr-27-2004 02:55

Ok, I see. I still have a question:
I'm doing incredibly hard, and the usual thing is getting 4 physical. Sometimes though I get only 3. (I have hair and thread analysis) Is it that a fourth evidence doesn't exist, or is it a failure of my smarts?

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