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Sleuth Girls Gone Wild!
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Lucky Stiff

Oct-12-2006 20:01

here is just a snippet, for the small price(no cost thats a lie) of going to sleuthchat, you too could experience what happens when SLEUTH GIRLS GO WILD! FIRST TIMERS, VETERANS, everyone is welcome!

[AndreaX] 9:53 pm: and he said, that's fine honey, just make sure u send pictures

[Autumnsprings] 9:53 pm: *snogs biggie*

biggie528 wishes she had a webcam cuz it loses something when you type it

Autumnsprings loves #$%^&*

Akano likes having one.

[ms helen corning] 10:09 pm: lmao well i do have a lot of knowledge in certain special areas

[Arabella] 10:08 pm: Now don't you wish I was in your top 5 Biggie

[alljackedup] 10:10 pm: i like agressive lol

REMEMBER GUYS, this is just a TASTE of what you will get in sleuthchat! So what are you waiting for?


Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

May-29-2012 18:00

[Autumnsprings] : LOL
[Biggie_Smalls] : welp
[Autumnsprings] : ugh. i hate that word ^^
[Biggie_Smalls] : I've got to go turn myself into something resembling a chick
[Autumnsprings] : make note molly, lol
[Biggie_Smalls] : welp?
[Autumnsprings] : yes
[Biggie_Smalls] : ah
[Autumnsprings] : reminds me of whelp
[Biggie_Smalls] : let me try again.
[Biggie_Smalls] : -clears throat-
[Biggie_Smalls] : PRITHEE, PRITHEE. Hear ye one and all
[Autumnsprings] : much better.
[Biggie_Smalls] : I needs must traverse dread plains of grooming and shampooing and scenting, forsooth,
[Biggie_Smalls] : I am but a wicked temptress in the land of men
[Autumnsprings] : LOL
[Autumnsprings] : suck one for me
[Biggie_Smalls] : and being such a dreaded creature, must harvest flesh tonight.
[biggie528] : lol
[biggie528] : lovely smalls
[Biggie_Smalls] : thanks.
[Biggie_Smalls] : I thought it rather poetic.
[Autumnsprings] : 'twas
[biggie528] : it is *sniffle*
[Biggie_Smalls] : haha
[Autumnsprings] : awww *hands deuce a tissue*
[Biggie_Smalls] : -golf clapping all around-

Con Artist

Jun-21-2012 21:02

been a while since we've had an update, so without further ado:
[Jesse Hunter] : Life keeps me busy. Seems that I crawled out of the shadows in the midst of a resurgence of old timers.
[Lady Jas] : haha you sure did.
[Autumnsprings] : who are you calling old timers?!?
[Autumnsprings] : *grumbles while tottering off, clutching her walker*
[Lady Jas] : *points to you*
[Lady Jas] : ;)
[Autumnsprings] : *shakes her walker at jas* get offa my lawn!!
[Autumnsprings] : damn kids
[Riza Hawkeye] : LOL
[Jesse Hunter] : @autumnsprings: *ahem* I meant "Venerated Legends"
[Autumnsprings] : nope. too late
[Autumnsprings] : done messed up kid.
[Jesse Hunter] : "cherished pillars of the community"?
[Molly Maltese] : o_O
[Autumnsprings] : oh that has a nice ring to it. venerated legends sounds like something you would catch from a cheap hooker.

Con Artist

Jun-28-2012 18:20

ok chatty folks, we need more funnies! come to chat and add to the hilarity!

Lucky Stiff

Jul-2-2012 19:57

[Molly Maltese] : I could use a tampon I guess
[Jason Arends] : whoa
[Jason Arends] : what?
[Jason Arends] : Wait
[Molly Maltese] : Im pretty sure it would slowly inflate in my nose
[Jason Arends] : dont explain tha
[Secret_Squirrel] : yeah bad timing jason
[Jason Arends] : t
[Beef Flaps] : and with nose bleeds, it could be something as simple as being sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure. My boss gets like that and erupts like a foolish volcano if he goes from an air conditioned building to an outside humidity level that is extermely high. The guy erupted all over the fabric of my car last year. Wait...THAT REALLY SOUNDS NASTY!

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jul-5-2012 11:47

I remember walking in on that hot mess. :(

Con Artist

Jul-6-2012 01:20

poor jason. we must remember that girls DO need to keep SOME mystery, lol

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jul-25-2012 19:47

[biggie528] : wtf computer!
[biggie528] : its being SO WEIRD
[Riza Hawkeye] : mommy you shouldn't go to those sites
[Jason Arends] : hahaha
[Secret_Squirrel] : mommy is one of those sites now go back to bed so the nice man on the webcam can give mommy his visa number
[Jason Arends] : hahahahaha
[Andiyana] : lmao
[biggie528] : hey
[biggie528] : dont judge me for my side gigs
[Molly Maltese] : apparently
[biggie528] : sometimes a girl needs some extra cash

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Aug-27-2012 19:20

[Kyle XY Rocks] : Wolfie! Benny Cumberbatch is tied up in your closet!
[Wolf Girl 22] : Shut Up kyle
[Andiyana] : what?! how'd you get him out of mine?

Wolf Girl 22
Wolf Girl 22

Sep-9-2012 19:56

[Riza Hawkeye] : marc, you're on my kick list >:(
[Wolf Girl 22] : Why? has he been naughty?
[Wolf Girl 22] : I say get the leather ridding crop
[Kyle XY Rocks] : I agree.

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Aug-20-2015 21:55

Another good ready to bring back some memories...have a good laugh!!

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