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Sleuth Girls Gone Wild!
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Lucky Stiff

Oct-12-2006 20:01

here is just a snippet, for the small price(no cost thats a lie) of going to sleuthchat, you too could experience what happens when SLEUTH GIRLS GO WILD! FIRST TIMERS, VETERANS, everyone is welcome!

[AndreaX] 9:53 pm: and he said, that's fine honey, just make sure u send pictures

[Autumnsprings] 9:53 pm: *snogs biggie*

biggie528 wishes she had a webcam cuz it loses something when you type it

Autumnsprings loves #$%^&*

Akano likes having one.

[ms helen corning] 10:09 pm: lmao well i do have a lot of knowledge in certain special areas

[Arabella] 10:08 pm: Now don't you wish I was in your top 5 Biggie

[alljackedup] 10:10 pm: i like agressive lol

REMEMBER GUYS, this is just a TASTE of what you will get in sleuthchat! So what are you waiting for?


Con Artist

May-24-2012 07:52

[Ms Helen] : spent too long waiting for you to turn up
[nicnic] : oy vey
[Ms Helen] : now if you were to beg
[Ms Helen] : publicly that is
[nicnic] : not giving you the pleasure
[Ms Helen] : lol nic as if i need my pleasure from you :p

Con Artist

May-24-2012 10:37

[Ms Helen] : i have a herman to make....apparently
[Riza Hawkeye] : there's like tons of those
[Ms Helen] : was there a point to that? :)
[Ms Helen] : i'm going to look at herman brb
[Autumnsprings] : who is herman? and do i really want to know?
[Special_K] : i hope herman knows hes being watched
[Riza Hawkeye] : ooh that looks yummy
[Ms Helen] : so i have a ton of yeasty liquid

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

May-24-2012 18:06


Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

May-24-2012 18:43

[Autumnsprings] : well we gush for other reasons too ya know

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

May-24-2012 19:38

[Autumnsprings] : i can do the hairy ones

Con Artist

May-24-2012 19:46

lol, that's actually not that bad. figured there would be all kindsa stuff on here. :D

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

May-24-2012 19:51

[Jason Arends] : *has childish moment and laughs saying "bewbies"*
[Autumnsprings] : its better than it coulda been!
[Autumnsprings] : my bewbies remind you you need a contact?
[Autumnsprings] : freaky
[Autumnsprings] : i meant freak
[Andiyana] : NO
[BrilliantlySherlocked] : giggle
[Autumnsprings] : read up thats how it sounded
[Andiyana] : the thing about hairy cases
[Autumnsprings] : hairy bewbies?
[BrilliantlySherlocked] : lol
[Andiyana] : LMAO
[Autumnsprings] : that might be a problem
[Andiyana] : probably is.
[BrilliantlySherlocked] : def.
[Autumnsprings] : hormone disorder or sumthin
[Jason Arends] : hahaha i dont think there is a contact for that anywhere
[Autumnsprings] : *originally typed hormoan*
[Andiyana] : roflmao
[Autumnsprings] : if there is i hope theres also a cure
[Jason Arends] : unless ben added "dermatologist" to the list of townies
[BrilliantlySherlocked] : bbs
[Autumnsprings] : k
[Autumnsprings] : yay! i can be dirty!
[Autumnsprings] : *mind goes blank*
[Jason Arends] : "looking over the crime scene you notice some hairy bewbies...better go see oscar the local dermatologist about this"
[Autumnsprings] : LMAO
[Autumnsprings] : but if theyre on the vic it doesnt matter right?
[Jason Arends] : 'no the hairy bewbies dont match themla rittenhouse"
[Autumnsprings] : i mean they ARE dead
[Autumnsprings] : I literally LOLd
[Autumnsprings] : what about sptimus rittenhouse?
[Jason Arends] : Who else do you think the hairy bewbies might match?
[Autumnsprings] : septimus....
[Jason Arends] : Why yes the hairy bewbies do match septimus
[Autumnsprings] : i dunno, im not an expert
[Andiyana] : LMAO
[Jason Arends] : and no he wasnt down at the local drag show
[Andiyana] : rofl
[Jason Arends] : at the time of the murder
[Autumnsprings] : and you know because you were there, accepting your tiara for 1st place
[Jason Arends] : "faced with the hairy bewbies septimus confessed "
[Autumnsprings] : i think we all would
[Serges] : what the hell did i miss?
[Autumnsprings] : whether we did it or now
[Autumnsprings] : to

Lady Zeugirdor
Lady Zeugirdor
Pinball Amateur

May-24-2012 22:11

[cfm] : Mr. Handyman. Where do I get a model upgrade for my man?

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

May-24-2012 22:25

[Jason Arends] : cfms demaning sex ooooh

Con Artist

May-24-2012 23:34

[Jason Arends] : if you cant drink the captain straight then you dont really love him nic
[nicnic] : i don't think i love the captain enough to take him in pure form

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