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How many skill points did you have before you could really do AIs?
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Battered Shoe

Sep-24-2006 21:25

I have almost 200,000 and technically I can do AIs, but I just recently moved up to Ridiculous and they are not so simple for me. Skill points are getting few and far between these days though and I would like to try the harder cases to speed this up.


Christopher Leroy
Christopher Leroy
Old Shoe

Sep-24-2006 21:55

I hope you're talking about experience points, not 200,000 skill points! :)

I like to use the old saying about "growing to the size of your fishbowl". In other words, as you continue to do the higher-level cases, you'll eventually develop a methodology and rhythm that will help you solve them under seemingly improbable conditions.

I won't lie to you. AI's are NOT easy cases to solve. Even with a full complement of smart/interview skills, plus a faction skill or 2, full complement of contacts, and millions of dollars to bribe, I doubt even the most experienced detectives are able to solve them 100% of the time on their own.

Fortunately, you're in an agency. You have friends and resources that will turn almost every case into big experience for you. I suggest you cut your teeth on Ridiculously Hard cases for a day or so, then move up to the AI level.

As for skill point acquisition, you are at that wonderful point in experience where it REALLY starts to slow down. Look forward to an experience point every 50k experience or so coming sooner than you would like. :)

Good luck to you! (And I mean that... on AI's, it's usually dumb luck that is the biggest factor between a solve and a quit/file)

Dex Con
Dex Con

Sep-25-2006 00:03

I started doing AIs as soon as I hit 100k exp, and let me tell you, it went POORLY. If I'm doing them in a city where I have a PE contact, I solve maybe two out of three, which means they're more efficient than doing easier cases... it doesn't make my "Cases Quit" look very good, though.

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