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Real estate


Mar-18-2004 03:18

I'm a little confused about purchasing real estate. I guess I'm wondering exactly how this would help your detective. I understand the status bonus, but am not sure about the other things. I'm guessing that the amount of storage space allows you to keep more than the 2 items you can carry. Is this correct and are you allowed access to each of these items to use during an ongoing case? Also the safe and crime lab features? Info on any of the above questions is much appreciated.


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-18-2004 07:39

It's tied in with forming Detective Agencies. I'm planning an update that will allow you to create an agency to team up with other detectives. It's a fairly big update and is still probably a couple of weeks away, unfortunately.

Anyway, you will have to buy a headquarters to start an agency.

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