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Corrupt A Wish
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Bill Oakes
Bill Oakes

Sep-15-2006 02:30

This is a very simple and fun game. The first person makes a wish, and each following person finds some way to corrupt the wish and then makes a new wish. For example:

Person 1. I wish I had a dog

Person 2. You have a dog, but it dies the day after you get it

I wish I had a muffin

Person 3: You get a muffin, but you drop it and have to throw it away.

And so on.

Your firt wish to corrupt is this:

I wish I had a new car.


Ordo Ab Chao
Ordo Ab Chao

Apr-28-2011 06:18

Your wish was to visit the mountain of 3 wishes where if you jump off and say your wish you'll get it. Your wish becomes reality and you find yourself there in a second...
-your 1st wish is to be famous, POOF you become famous...
-your 2nd wish is to be rich, POOF you are a trillionaire...
-finaly for your 3rd wish you trip over a stick and says ****...
As you hit the bottom you land in a huge pile of ****...

I wish I met Alfred Hitchcock for lunch...

Akira Sensei
Akira Sensei

May-5-2011 17:40

As we all know, Alfred is long in the grave, and is unable to attend any mealtime or other appointments. However, as for those Barbecue Ribs you thoroughly enjoyed at a recent luncheon engagement? Well, let's just say that you are what you eat, Ordo Ab Hitchcock.

I wish that I could climb K2 without assistance. (Setting myself up, so make this an entertaining response, yes?)

luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

May-16-2011 22:32

Really? You actually want me to post an entertaining response? This could be dangerous, especially for you...

Ok, You fork out the sleuthbucks and a year of your life (yes you still have to share air with the yaks for quite a while to get acclimated to the thin air - the last thing these people want on their hands halfway up a mountain is a collapsing tourist. there's enough of those at the bar in town.). You settle into your posh digs (over the hayloft of someone's hovel but who's counting--by the way, what DO these people feed their yaks; the stink's unbearable). And you go look for a guide.

Unfortunately, your Tibetan is, um, not so good. And you got the name mixed up. So your guide ends up thinking you want to go to 2K, which in these parts is literally a hole in the wall (ya gotta go down to get that high when the average elevation is 3500 meters).

He sets you up to go achieve your wish to explore unassisted in grand style. He gets you your own wetsuit, your own oxygen tank, even a light for your goggles slash helmet. It is only as you stare at this hole in the wall that he hands you your final piece of equipment. And this tells you that he may not have understood you from the get-go. They're flippers. Yes, it only goes down from here... Have fun!

I wish someone would come remove (gently please) the skunk from the park next door. My dog's afraid to step outside (and just when we got him house trained)...

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

May-17-2011 05:09

A skunk removal expert arrives. He looks like he knows what he's doing and he's certainly got the right kit - gas mask, long rubber gloves, small fluffy ball on a string for the purposes of skunk hypnotization, the works. You and your dog breathe a collective sigh of relief. The expert successfully (and gently) removes the skunk from the park, strolls down the sidewalk, and places it carefully under your front porch.

I wish someone would deliver me a free gourmet meal of my choice every evening.

Akira Sensei
Akira Sensei

May-17-2011 20:47

Anthony Bourdaine has just arrived with packages filled with some his favorites from the lesser known global island chains.

I wish I could understand my neighbor's dog's barking code which is sent out repeatedly as such: "Yap, yap, yap. Yap, yap, yap. Yap, yap, yap. Yap, yap, yap, YAP!"

Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

May-18-2011 01:15

Like in the Gary Larson cartoon, you become the first person ever to understand what dogs say. The dog is saying "Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, HEY!" It wants attention. The dog is found the next morning. It is dead. In a fit of anger you stuffed hay up its nose until it suffocated. Charged with animal cruelty, you plead insanity. You are sent to an insane asylum, where you meet some nice, sensible-looking people, all of whom you recognize from high school. Maybe you ARE mad...

I wish there were 48 hours in a day.

Ordo Ab Chao
Ordo Ab Chao

Jun-23-2011 02:43

Your wish becomes reality but due to 24 hours per night the human kind metamorphoses into nocturnal creatures and some develop fangs.
Cases of vampirism have been associated with clusters of deaths from unidentifiable or mysterious illnesses, usually within the same family or the same small community...
Feed well COUNT WILLIAM...

Ordo Ab Chao
Ordo Ab Chao

Jun-23-2011 02:45

I wish I discover Atlantis...

Kyle XY Rocks
Kyle XY Rocks
Pinball Amateur

Sep-9-2011 08:28

You dicover Atlantis! But the ground shifts beneath it and it sinks into oblivion. No one believes you found it.

I wish I had 100$.

Shawn Savage
Shawn Savage

Sep-9-2011 22:26

You found $100 lying on ground! You pick it up and wave in the air with excitement only to have it snatched away by a seagull who thought it was food.

I wish I owned an island.

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