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Corrupt A Wish
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Bill Oakes
Bill Oakes

Sep-15-2006 02:30

This is a very simple and fun game. The first person makes a wish, and each following person finds some way to corrupt the wish and then makes a new wish. For example:

Person 1. I wish I had a dog

Person 2. You have a dog, but it dies the day after you get it

I wish I had a muffin

Person 3: You get a muffin, but you drop it and have to throw it away.

And so on.

Your firt wish to corrupt is this:

I wish I had a new car.


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-22-2009 15:50

Granted. Someone has reorganized your garage so you could park your car in it. However, they did a terrible job. You get out of your car and shut your door. The vibration of the door shutting makes all your boxes and everything fall on top of your car destroying it. I hope you had another car.

I wish the guy who hit me was paying more attention to the road because now, I'm in some pain...

Battered Shoe

Nov-22-2009 17:38

Voila! You go back in time and the guy who hit you is paying attention to the road, but he's a jerk so he hits you anyway because he doesn't like you. You're still in pain, and now filled with anger because you could tell he hit you intentionally.

I wish that I had a job in my field. (Statistics, just so you can twist it appropriately)

Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter
Pinball Wizard

Nov-22-2009 20:55

You get a job in your field, but it's not all you hoped it to be. The highlight of your career is when the statistical rule of thumb is named after you.

What is the "LauraVo Effect"? Statisticians experience an overall 47% lower Enjoyment of Life than any other profession.

I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener.

Pinball Amateur

Nov-22-2009 23:26

Just saw

from the "Reach Out and Touch Someone" thread in Sleuth Talk....


I am SO not goin' there.


luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Nov-23-2009 13:27

Ok, Mr. Hunter, you asked for this one.

BAM! YOU are an Oscar Meyer weiner (hot dog that is)! How delightful! You get to sit in a fridge getting chilled for the first part of your life. Then you are transferred to a freezer, where things get a bit ... nippier. Ah wouldn't life be wonderful with a warm fire and a glass of brandy to keep things on the periphery from falling off from cold.

Now the bad news. You get yanked from your new home, torn out of your wrapper, dropped in a pot of boiling water for 4 minutes (just enough time to get cooked like a little lobster). Then you get drained, put on a cutting board, and get chopped into itty bitty little pieces.

Then off we go to dog training, where my two princes of mischief nibble at you (when they behave) for a couple hours each, piece by piece by piece. Awwwwww. Too bad. I would have left you alone if you'd been a bratwurst -- they're expensive.

I wish for a gallon of (very good) cappucino to be delivered to my door on Thursday morning (any time after midnight is fine) so i can stay awake as i watch over a cooking turkey. Thank you in advance; now please excuse me as i fall asleep until then... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Nov-23-2009 13:50

You get your gallon of a very good brand of cappucino,but to your discovery,you don't have a cappucino machine. So you can't watch over your cooking turkey,because you fell asleep.

I wish for a good day and that nothing bad happened


Nov-23-2009 14:43

The doorbell chimes, and you almost manage to wake up to open the door.
At the door a young man stands with not just one, but 2 gallons of a really tasty kind of cappuchino.

Unfortunately the doorstep was a bit slippery, as the containers had leaked a little bit on the doorstep... - they were filled to the brim...

So you get all the cappucino at once.... hot and delightful..... all over....
You get both hot and awake at the same time.... - and even as sweet as you have not been on a long time... The dogs come running, and would want a taste of you....

I wish the day would have 8 extra hours for sleeping, so that I would have time to do much more of all the funny things after work.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-29-2009 18:15

Granted. You get the 8 extra hours for sleeping, so that you would have time to do muchmore of all the funny things after But the bad thing is, you are now out of work. The 8 extra hours you slept, was the day you were supposed to be at work for an important meeting. But because you did not call and say that you wouldn' t make it, you got fired.

I wish the stupid insurance companies would replace my totaled car because the wreck was not my fault.

Agent Canady
Agent Canady

Dec-2-2009 14:06

Well...I can't grant that wish because I am waiting on the same thing!! Ahhh! I know how you feel, wasn't my fault either!

I wish I was on vacation with my husband and daughter instead of dealing with insurance claims, adjusters, and the rest of that crap!

Tireless Tiger

Dec-2-2009 14:43

Suddenly you meet a new guy at the insurance company. Obviously someone new in the job. You present him with your problem, and he smiles and say that surely you will have your car replaced. He promises to arrive with the replacement the next day, so that it will be there when you return from work. - if you were just signing the papers here...
Surprised about the sudden change in the relationship with the insurance company, you happily sign for the deal.
Next day you return from work, and look very surprised at the new bike that stands in front of your garage. You walk in, and ask the kids, and they tell you that some hours ago, a guy arrived, and left the bike there in front of the garage. Puzzled you ask them how he looked, and realize it must have been the man from the insurance company....
Immediately you pick up the phone, and call him, but you get no answer. When you get in touch with him the next day, he says to you: "What else would you expect in exchange for the car? It was a complete wreck! You'd be happy you got something at all. Besides, it's obvious you needed some excercise. And, the bike will be cheaper to use as well....."
When you try to say something, the guy answers: "We had an agreement. Remember you signed?...." - and then he puts on the phone.

I wish I was granted 8 weeks of holiday, with payment.

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