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A few questions...

Anita Williams
Anita Williams

Sep-13-2006 19:30

I just have a couple questions about strategy that some of the more experienced detectives use...

First of all, how do you suggest I start each case? I've been asking my client's alibi first, then once checking that, going on and asking each person if they know anyone else who would commit the crime before asking for alibi. Should I ask for alibi first, before other suspects, or what?

Also, regarding skills, would you guys suggest focusing completely on one type of convincing method first? For example, I'm very tough, so I have Intimidation and Intermediate Interrogation. Should I work on getting those toughness skills up completely before getting any charm skills?

As for smarts, I have Footprint Analysis... Should I focus on one type of evidence and get to be an expert with it before trying for the other kinds, or should I get the basic skill for each type of evidence?

Thanks! :)



Sep-13-2006 19:36

I always recommend getting suspects first (asking if the know anyone..etc) then alibis. If you do easier cases you will most likely get both. As you up in difficulty level, that gets harder as well. However, you can get around having someone w/o an alibi, but you cannot accuse w/o a motive. So alwats ask that first.
As far as skills goes, get first a basic set of tough interview skills and a basic set of smart skills. The move up from there. I would not worry about charming skills until you are much, much, much more experienced.

Anita Williams
Anita Williams

Sep-13-2006 20:13

Thanks Andrea! :D


Sep-14-2006 00:53

Read the welcome newbie thread. There are a lot of startegy suggestions in there. Its a great thread.

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