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Sep-2-2006 15:05

How often does it come into play? Because in the none of the cases a lot of people have clammed up but it my flirting skill has yet to become an option.

Just wondering. ;u)



Sep-2-2006 15:20

Flirting works automatically when you are sweet talking a suspect or rule bending a townie of the opposite sex

Battered Shoe

Sep-2-2006 15:40

It's automatically taken into account when you are using your charming interviewing techniques. It adds +20 to the base chance of getting a person of the opposite sex to unclam.

Agent Andrew
Agent Andrew

Sep-2-2006 16:17

How'd you figure out this?

R Anstett
R Anstett

Sep-2-2006 16:43

There is a skill called Judge of Character that lets you see exactly what the points are that go into making up the chance of success.

It is not advised for newer detectives to take that skill until you already have all the Charm or Tough skills and are starting to work on adding in the other side.

Here is an example of what you can see from that skill:

Base Interrogation Chance: 52
Tough Equipment Adjustment: 17
Advanced Skill Bonus: 35
Pugilism Bonus: 10
Adjusted Interrogation Chance: 114

Base Sweet Talking Chance: 43
Charming Equipment Adjustment: 7
Advanced Skill Bonus: 35
Flirting Bonus: 20
Adjusted Sweet Talking Chance: 105

It would be easier to influence Tsi-Ku by being tough.

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