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The Leathernecks is hiring!!


Sep-1-2006 18:38

Hi everyone!! I'm B.Dalton director of the LeatheNecks in London. We're looking for 5 sleuths who can play 3+ times a week (because we are a very active agency) We LOVE newbies,because eveyone was a newbie at some time!! We are offering a $3000 sign on bonus for a newbie, and $5,000 for a experienced detective. (i.e. over 5,000 experience points) Thanks for looking and happy sleuthing!!



Sep-2-2006 17:16

hey! i'm actually looking to join an agency...
i'm interested in the leathernecks. i'm online at least four times a week.
let me know if you're interested in me.

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