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Safe Cracking

Michael Aguilar
Michael Aguilar

Aug-30-2006 00:13

I was wondering how useful safe cracking is, and whether or not it is worth getting. If it matters, I am not a paid subscriber, but am planning to subscribe within the week.



Aug-30-2006 00:16

*points to the "Welcome Newbies" thread at the top of the Newbies board*

It has all kinds of info about safe cracking in it, first or second page, I think.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Aug-30-2006 04:39

Safe cracking is a skill that is only useful if you are:

--Part of an Agency
--Your agency is working a treasure hunt involving keys

You use Safecracking to elminate the need for the last favor on the hunt.

You need to have a full set of Smart and Interview skills first before chosing Safecracking if you want to be successful in hunting.


Aug-30-2006 05:37

Repeats mantra:
"It is best to have a full set of either charming or tough and smart skills before purchasing faction skills"

There..I'm done

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