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Behind the Scenes: Waiting for Shadow of the Villains
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Aug-29-2006 08:54

Now that we have all calmed down a little, maybe we can tell those who weren't there some of the things that happenned in Sleuth Chat yesterday while we were waiting for Shadows to open.

And don't give any of that "What happens in sleuth chat stays in sleuth chat" stuff



Aug-29-2006 09:05

OK, I'll recount my experience first:

All these times are server times.

noon to approximatly 1:30: Pestered Al Z to the point of madness by sending him messages on AIM with pointless fun facts. Such us: "In Colombia you can get fined up to $90,000 for gossiping"
130pm: Al Z threatens to crush my spine and then decides to take a nap until 3pm instead
2pm: go into sleuth chat. Find out that the opening had been delayed. Have minor heart attack. Panic ensues amongst us. We decide to breathe into paper bags and get drunk instead
3pm to 4pm: pass the time in sleuth chat cursing Ben, sticking pins into Ben and Sunny voodoo dolls and generally turning on each other. The risk of mutiny is high. Nickie and cfm are trying to calm the mob..somewhat successfully. We put away the torches and pitchforks.
4pm: we are desperatly hitting the refresh button until it wore out on some of us. Jojo and Al kept giving us panic attacks saying that they were in when they really weren't. The mob turns on Jojo. Cooler heads prevail and we go back to hitting the refresh button every 2 seconds
4:30: The pitchforks and torches come out again. More cursing and Ben and sticking needles on the dolls. Al Z pretends that he's cool as a cucumber sipping a margarita, but we all knew that he was bitting his nails just like the rest of us
4:45pm: at this point things start getting a little blurry for me. I am afraid that I had ran out of smokes, by bottle of wine was low, and probably passed out from a major anxiety attack. I am told that a couple of the mods actually feared for their lives
5pm: I don't remember. I think jojo got beat up. Biggie and LED were crying. I remember the rattling of the bars at the gates with screams of "Let us in you sadistic..." Well you get the picture
Approximatly 5:19pm: gates open. The mob rushes in. Avalanches ensue. I make it to London and start asking around. The rest is history.
It was worth....everything.
Thank you Ben and Sunny!

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-29-2006 09:07

      [biggie528] 12:17 am: i wonder if i put a stache on my little brother if he can get it for me
[Jojo227] 12:17 am: *been drinking since he starting teehting*
Lady Emerald Devon cries and sobs and beats the ground with her fists
   [biggie528] 12:17 am: SEE there it is
AndreaX pats LED and says" There, there it'll be over soon"
   [Al Z] 12:17 am: I know the answer to that question LED
     [tollo] 12:17 am: damn, 1st nasa delays space shuttle and now this   
Lady Emerald Devon sorts it ok
AndreaX thinks Ben has got a mutiny in his hands
   [Lady Emerald Devon] 12:18 am: Alllrriighttttyy then
Lady Emerald Devon laughs
   [Lady Emerald Devon] 12:18 am: Yeah but this is worse than NASA
   [Al Z] 12:18 am: The answer to your question of WHYYYYYYYetc.etc. is because I SAYZ SO THAT'S WHY
     [tollo] 12:18 am: mutiny??
Summer Frost gets the Ben doll on the corner and starts punching him
[Jojo227] 12:18 am: VOODOO!
   [Lady Emerald Devon] 12:18 am: WHo do?
     [tollo] 12:18 am: is it voodoo sdoll, summer?
[Jojo227] 12:18 am: *puts a few pins in it*
   [cfm] 12:18 am: I say we tar and feather.
AndreaX hopes Ben's butt hurts now

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-29-2006 09:08

   [cfm] 12:18 am: I say we tar and feather.
AndreaX hopes Ben's butt hurts now
   [biggie528] 12:18 am: NO DONT
   [Lady Emerald Devon] 12:18 am: And then send him to a KFC factory
   [biggie528] 12:19 am: if hes incapacitated, hows he gonna launch?????
   [Lady Emerald Devon] 12:19 am: One fat chicken coming right up Colonel
[Jojo227] 12:19 am: *shoves a pin up

And I think we'll cut it there.. .:D


Aug-29-2006 09:13

Dang it LED! I was hopping you wouldn't post my butt comment!

*wonders if this thread was such a good idea after all*

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-29-2006 09:16

Lady Emerald Devon hugs cfm
AndreaX is sobbing openly now
Lady Emerald Devon makes her green drinks
biggie528 needs a drink
[Jojo227] 12:20 am: This one's not a blow up one, bigie.  
[cfm] 12:20 am: *sucks down the drinks like water*
[Arabella] 12:20 am: *cries*
Al Z is cool as a cucumber
Lady Emerald Devon hits Al Z over the head WITH a cucumber
[Jojo227] 12:21 am: *will take a shot*
biggie528 thinks we are all sad and pathetic and should save this whole conversation to post on "Anything and Nothing"
AndreaX thinks Al is stoned
Al Z lies on a lounge chair at poolside. Yep. Nothing rattles AL Z.
 [tollo] 12:21 am: what you mean... Sushi
biggie528 wonders if Al has any more
[Sleuth Sindy] 12:21 am: Sleuth Sindy slices cucmber with BIG knife!
[Sleuth Sindy] 12:21 am: oops
[tollo] 12:22 am: did it slip???
Al Z places the now nicely sliced cucumbers on each of his eyes, and relaxes.
ms helen corning wishes she was stoned then maybe she would be calm
[sushi kitty] 12:22 am: people are crying, you are making dolls make out, putting pins in a dolls crotch. what do you mean, what do i mean?    

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-29-2006 09:16

Lady Emerald Devon] 12:22 am: This is what Ben wants.
For us to turn againest each other
[biggie528] 12:23 am: lol hes trying to cause strife now?
[cfm] 12:23 am: Jojo you can't have a shot. Try again in three years.
[Lady Emerald Devon] 12:23 am: We need to all work together. We need to rise up.
[biggie528] 12:23 am: soon we'll be capturing each other lol
[AndreaX] 12:23 am: I knew it LED! He;s watching this and laughiing!
[Lady Emerald Devon] 12:23 am: Because whose our enemy?
   Not each other.
  It's BEN>
[tollo] 12:23 am: BEN!!!!
[biggie528] 12:24 am: MULLETS
cfm] 12:23 am: Jojo you can't have a shot. Try again in three years.
[biggie528] 12:24 am: MULLETS
[Summer Frost] 12:24 am: BEN IS THE ENEMY
[tollo] 12:25 am: BEN!!!!!
[Lady Emerald Devon] 12:25 am: Oh yeah and mullets
[Jojo227] 12:25 am: Ben = evil
[Lady Emerald Devon] 12:25 am: They are the enemy even when there's not an enemy!
[biggie528] 12:25 am: MULLETS!
AndreaX takes out her pitchfork
[ms helen corning] 12:25 am: nasty nasty ben
 [biggie528] 12:25 am: worse than mullets

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-29-2006 09:18

We laughed, we cried, mostly we cried and laughed some more, we fought and we cried again. There were some horrors that were perhaps best left in chat and now everyone is very sorry about the voodoo.
Thanks Ben and Sunny, you guys rock.


Aug-29-2006 09:28

Don't forget the hugs, kisses, and snogs

Old Shoe

Aug-29-2006 09:46

And the drinks!
But let´s forget that Led is the *** queen and let´s forget her slides

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-29-2006 10:02

I'm a THREE star Queen??!
I thought I was at least worth 4.

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