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John Don
John Don

Aug-19-2006 09:33

Hi guys,
I have finished favours for most of the citizen and have not failed even one of them. But yet, I don't have a single contact!!! Is this feature only for subscribers??? Thanks guys.
RoK On!



Aug-19-2006 09:36

No, unsubscribers will get 2 contacts ..... one PE and one WE

It takes a random number of favors to get the person as your contact. I hear stories of months going by w/o getting a contact.

Just be patient, keep trying, and eventually you will succeed!

R Anstett
R Anstett

Aug-19-2006 11:28

There is a certain moderator (Greyling) who is still in search of the Stage Manager for over a year.

One of the detectives in our agencies has gone well over the 50 favor mark looking for a particular one also. Some also try for a particular type of PE (Hair as an example) and get the barber in every city.

Subscribers get 2 per city so there is a better chance at finding the particular contacts you want eventually.

Pinball Amateur

Aug-19-2006 20:08

The first contact usually comes somewhere after 1000 experience points. The second one, as Ran said, can take a GREAT deal longer. So be patient. Everyone, subscribed and unsubscribed, gets contacts eventually. It just depends on how choosy you are, and how finicky the system is. The more particular you are (in other words, you ONLY want the Barber, as in Ran's example above), the longer it will take you to get the contact.

John Don
John Don

Aug-19-2006 23:59

So there is a limit of max. 2 for unsubscribers?


Aug-20-2006 00:18

There is a limit for all detectives of 2 contacts per city. One PE, one WE.

Since unsubs can't travel, they can't get 2 contacts anywhere but in New York.

Subbed players can not get the entire town for contacts though, just the two per city.

Serena Siren
Serena Siren

Aug-20-2006 00:19

There is a limit of 2 contacts (one PE and one WE) per city for all players (not just unsubs)...The game would become extremely easy if you were allowed more contacts than that :)


PE = Physical Evidence
WE = Witness Evidence

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