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Big Lucy's Cabaret???


Aug-18-2006 12:37

I bought the information from Larry the Toe and now how do I use it??? I haven't started a new case yet so what do I do to find it? And what do I do when I find it? Help Please!


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-18-2006 12:40

*starts singing LUCY LUCY WHO THE ^$%* IS LUCY??*

Becca, cfm's Welcome Newbie's Post that is above this has this info and more. Reda, one of our Beautiful Mod's has a post about Lucy under her Moderator's Picks Message Board.

AND .. Newbie FAQ also has info on Lucy!

If you *breaks into song* Haven't found what you'reeeee loookkkinngggg for, then don't hestitate to let me know.

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