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John Don
John Don

Aug-18-2006 02:53

Hi guys, though I'm new I have not quit or got any case as a false accusation. I have a doubt in this featured mystery case.
Cara Buchannan owned the pet monkey. And I got WE against Cara Buchannan for owning the monkey. And I got PE of a hair that belonged to the monkey. So, it's obvious that they are questionable. So, who do I accuse - Cara or the Monkey??
Thanks guys.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-18-2006 03:53

It's worded a little wrong.. you can't accuse anyone in the game, FM or not unless the have a motive.
In a FM is you accuse someone and get an FA nothing will happen HOWEVER a quit will go down on your record.

And you are welcome.

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