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Getting in With the Mobs


Mar-17-2004 09:52

Does anyone have any tips as to how to get in better standing with the "powers" (Cosa Nostra, Dies, Order of Socrates)? I know that solving a case that they are interested in is how, but I have only been offered one case like that. Does a certain difficulty have more or less likelyhood for those cases?


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-17-2004 18:15

Currently, the only things that effect standing are those cases that come up, so it's kind of random. So, in a sense, the only thing you can do right now is to play cases and quit any that offend the political faction you want to improve standing with, kind of lame, I know.

I have an update in the pipe, should be up in two or three days. It will allow you to do jobs for a group to more directly effect your standing. Sorry, I'd get it up sooner, but I have that "other" job, the one that pays me money, to worry about too.

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