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Increase of difficulty?
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Aug-12-2006 21:11

Maybe it's just me... But I experienced it became a tad more difficult lately to solve AI cases. More & more suspects seem to clam up right from the start and the townies can't come up with names so the list is not complete. More & more cases with 3 or even 4 PE suspects clammed up. Or what about a case with 4 threads and 3 suspects referring to the tailor for their alibi's...

My surveillance skill seems to be of futile use now....

Is this in any way related to the upcoming new features (avoidance of building up too many unspent skill points)?????

Everyone: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!




Sep-4-2006 15:30

Thanks! I didnt have ANY tough gear on my first go round. And I had to quit alot of cases. I'm hoping this helps. I think I need to exchange some gear to increase my Smarts as well. I will have to wait until I get back to my home city!

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