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Max Guevera
Max Guevera

Aug-11-2006 19:14

Apparently people have been messaging the agency I'm in now and saying I joined Casa Blanca and ran off with their sign in bonus.

That's crap.

I joined and got the bonus, yea, but when I resigned, I put the money back in their safe. Their transaction log should tell them that.


Holly s.
Holly s.

Aug-11-2006 21:57

Lies?, A bit extreme, Well Max. I do apoligize as I did finally see it after 2 days when you finally told me after leaving with no word. You accept an invite , accept the money and then quickly resign > Since one of the Directors gave it out of her own money,The sensible thing was to give it back to her, leave a message. You bring it on yourself as it would be nice to let people know. As agency jumping is frowned upon.

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