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Milestones for you
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R Anstett
R Anstett

Aug-8-2006 21:08

With the recent changes on the top score lists we were talking about what are the milestones that all of us here in Sleuth pass?



Aug-14-2006 07:13

Joining SMRT
Reaching 1,000,000 exp points
Getting my Sequined Flapper Dress, Nymph Pipe, and Fan
Being able to be part of the Biggie fan club.

Battered Shoe

Aug-14-2006 17:26

Starting SMRT
SMRT reaching 10,000K
Winning our first treasure hunt
Winning our eighth treasure hunt (in your FACE, Eye Spy! lol)
Seeing all our people reach their big milestones
...but most of all....
Being able to breathe the same air in the same agency as Her Biggesty

Lucky Stiff

Aug-14-2006 17:32

well well well

I go to work ONE DAY and look what happens, its jump on Biggie time (and not even in a good way) milestones include:

The day I met Ara and joined SMRT :)
The day my first recruitee didn't quit, go AWOL, steal money and/or equipment
The day I hit 3 million (oh wait, that hasn't happened yet, but maybe it will tonight :)

and of course theres:

The first time I realized that I was the Nadia to Al's Sherminator
The first time I got to tell Autumn a piece of gossip she couldn't get to me first
The day I realized that I could convince JRoepel to clean the rubbermaid dumpsters in exchange for fake hamburgers
The day I told everyone that Al's agency has NEVER beaten SMRT head to head in anything since my existence on this site, but the day of reckoning will be coming soon :)
The day that Nikkie threatened me with death if I didn't get Alan Carr's book
The day I became known as the lush of sleuth
The day that Al realized he should spend the rest of his days worshipping me and praying that he might someday bask in the glow that is Biggie
The day that I got to meet my hero LED in sleuthchat (she likes me, she really likes me!!)
The day that Ben and Sunny BOTH responded to one of my posts!

and finally

The day I realized Sharpies had more use than just drawing on paper :)

Oh and by the way Al...

Its on :)

Con Artist

Aug-14-2006 17:53

wait...what did you tell me first? not sure i believe you. but out of generosity, i'll give it to you. :D

Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Aug-29-2007 13:45

I just obtained my last skill! I now have ALL the skills currently available to Sleuthers (with the exception of Trap Detection, but only because you have to choose either Pirate Negoation or Trap Detection, you can't have both).

Yay for me!!! :)

Lucky Stiff

Aug-30-2007 18:07


Nostalgia makes me sad ;)

Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Aug-31-2007 13:31

Aw! Biggie I'm so touched that you get all nostalgic over me posting something again. :)


Yes, this thread does bring back a lot of memories doesn't it? I remember when I first started playing Sleuth and a few people started digging up old threads; really I found it a little annoying, but now I understand. Those were the good old days!

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