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First Time Treasure Hunt


Aug-3-2006 13:52

I paid to have the information from the faction that starts the treasure hunting process. They told me to go "do something" for one of the townies... I tried. The only question available was if they needed a favor. They said no... but talk to...

Do I just go back to them after three cases each time and hope that by chance they will need a fovor?

Or, do I go to everyone else and hope one of the other townies say that (the person I want to DO SOMETHING for) will be the next one on the list?

I don't understand that... It seems like it is too random for any agency to be able to really get involved in the treasure hunts.



Aug-3-2006 14:31

Yep, random is right, talking to the other townies won't change your current favour for the one you want. You'll need to complete the one you have, do the three cases and then hope the next favour you get is the one you need for the hunt :)

It may seem too random for an agency to be able to really get involved in a hunt, but it's also where planning and strategizing comes in, which unfortunately can be near to impossible for a one-(wo)man agency.


Aug-3-2006 14:37

Raven, also, it is not impossible for an agency with very few members to win a hunt, but it is VERY difficult. It takes teamwork among several different agents holding different favors in order to advance a hunt.
I don't want to give away strategies here, but if you have any questions, please PM me.


Aug-4-2006 10:10

OKay! I see, of course...

Sleuth is a great place to make friends :) and networking is what it's all about. Thanks!

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