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Aspiring Applicant in search

Miss Adellaide
Miss Adellaide

Jul-27-2006 06:14

Newly subbed detective, in Sleuth fever now that crowds cannot stop me from strolling around the city, not too green but not too experienced, occasionally hard-working, benevolent enough to PM in cases of longer absence

is currently in search of

a part-time position (70 cases a week and is not an option even if it might occasionally be possible, but 1-3 days of full-time hard work weekly plus regular drop-ins for a case or two to be expected)

in a well-organized agency that offers certain degrees of comfort, preferably seated in NY. A number of fellow agents working commonly during european times would be highly appreciated, will weigh heavily on the applicants decision and would constitute a reason for moving to another city.

With highest regards,

Miss Adelaide


Serena Barton
Serena Barton

Jul-27-2006 06:53

I'm the director of the Black Cat Detective Agency, we would be happy for you to join. But you would have to travel to Shanghai.

.(“)_(“) Black Cat Detective Agency: Director
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