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Politics/Faction Question


Jul-12-2006 13:53

I've done about two favors for La Cosa Nostra, and so far I'm fair on their list, but I went down with Order of Socrates and Dies Arcanum Brotherhood. When it comes to politics, what faction is the best to be affiliated with?
Not that it matters I guess. Order of Socrates and Dies Arcanum won't even talk to me right now :P



Jul-12-2006 14:14

This probably won't be an issue with you for now.
Factions offer three things:
1. The ability to learn a special skill
2. The ability to purchase equipment not available at the store
3. The ability to tell you how to start a hunt
Take a look at the list of skills each faction offers and see who you like best, but I highly recommend building up other skills before you get the ones offered by the factions.
Also in the Newbie FAQ there is more info on standings in factions.
And lastly, some cases have the ability to improve your standing with certain factions. The "twist" in the middle of the case.


Jul-12-2006 14:32

CN has good tough equipment, but their skill is only usefull for subscribers.

DA has charm equipment, thier skill is usefull for money but not that important for game.

OS has smart equipment and charming skill which is very nice to have after the basic ones.

I think... didnt visit them for long time now.


Jul-12-2006 17:03

You're right on, as usual, Reda. :)

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