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Question about pics.

Celia Scarlet
Celia Scarlet

Jul-7-2006 14:20

If i e-mail that address at city hall for a new pic,could i send a message saying something like,can u send me the pic this detective has (detectives name,) etc, etc.
Or would i need to send the pic i wanted with my message?
And if i already have a pic, could i still get a new one,the one i requested in my letter?



Jul-7-2006 15:56

A pic that is currently used for another detective won't be assigned to you. You'll need to send in your own pic.

And, yes there have been a few people who have changed their avatars more than once, but please remember that it is a process that takes volunteer's time. While they would likely never complain, sending in pics on a regular basis would consume a lot of their time that they could be doing other things to help out.

Besides, some of us STILL have trouble remembering Mak has a new avatar without confusion!! ;)

Reese Withers
Reese Withers

Jul-7-2006 16:33


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