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fortune teller is out to lunch
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Jun-27-2006 19:20 kidding...paid the new york or london fortune tellers in
excess of 30 times the $20.00 and all i have ever heard is the
weesy little rhyme about how the future will unfold ( like to
fold a blanket over their weesy little heads )...anybody else left
the fortune teller with less money and less wisdom of late ?.....



Jun-28-2006 05:02

I belive Shadow is right...
However, somewhere in these posts is a list of how many suspects you should have per each level and how many with fake/none alibi. Once you find the minimum number of suspects, then you can pay the fortune teller so that you don't waste questions.
It is actually quite usefull, but I was p***ed at first when I could not figure out what the heck he was talking about!

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