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case suspects

Old Shoe

Jun-25-2006 10:24

I used to play this game but then quit for awhile and now I'm back in it under a new name... But anyway, does anyone know how many case suspects there are for each type of mystery, like easy, intermediate, hard, etc.... I read it somewhere once but I can't seem to find it again.

And also i apologize if there were any posts about this already from someone else.. I looked for one before I asked but I didn't find anything.. Maybe I missed it if there was...




Jun-25-2006 14:36

So far there hasn't been a complete list of all the levels available on the boards, but you can check out the "Sleuth Helper" which is located under the link "Sleuth Community Sites" at City Hall. However(!!), even though the Helper is quite useful, it doesn't have all the right numbers listed for all the levels, but it's an okay place to start.

Alternatively, you can try asking Reda nicely if she'll send you the list - she has a complete list of all the levels :)


Jun-26-2006 00:14

I will ;)
Hopefully one day Ben will post my list so I wont need to PM it so often LOL

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