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Jun-16-2006 17:17

what does WE+ whatever =guilty mean? dont think I'm a dweeb so fast . But then again I'm kind'a new to all this stuff.


AZN Cinderella
AZN Cinderella

Jun-16-2006 17:26

WE means witness evidence and PE is physical evidence. Hope that helped!

Serena Siren
Serena Siren

Jun-16-2006 18:17

Just a little extra info...Witness Evidence is when a suspect tells you something like, "I saw so-and-so washing the blood off their hands/disposing of the murder weapon/leaving the scene of the crime/etc." Physical evidence is the hair, threads, footprints, or notes you find at the crime scene.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jun-17-2006 09:09

Some of the common Abreviations the experienced detectives throw around:

PE - Physical Evidence
WE - Witness Evidence (both as Serena outlined)

RB - Rebuilding: the three (or four) cases you solve between favors
FA - False Accusation: stay away from these by never guessing
FM - Featured Mystery: the scripted mysteries available to subscribers

liar/none - suspect has a false alibi or has no alibi (some people use FA/NA for shorthand on this one)

runner - the suspect that runs away in the runs away in the harder cases

Some that we use inside of agencies for leaving notes when storing cases.

T - thread evidence
F - foot evidence
H - hair evidence
N - handwriting evidence

TTNF = 2 threads, 1 note, 1 foot

List or No List = means the list of suspects for the case has been created or not

free = means the case is free for anyone to take and solve

There are likely other ones in different agencies as well.

Rhiemma Moon
Rhiemma Moon

Jun-17-2006 09:19

You forgot one, Ran. *grin* Clam. It's what we call a suspect who has 'clammed' up and won't talk to you anymore. Although I suppose that's not really an abreviation.

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