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Fraction Change

AZN Cinderella
AZN Cinderella

Jun-7-2006 16:45

Is there any way to change the fraction that you are good with? I'm good with the Green Hand (13 points) but I want to be good with the Eastern Triads (-3 points)





Jun-7-2006 17:17

only way that i know how to do it Cindyrella is to do two things. 1. stop doing favours for the people you want to change from, and 2. try to collect as many triads positive cases as you can from people in your agency if you are in one, or simply by waiting it out, once you get to 1 with the triads you can start doing little jobs for them which will increase your standing with them. Should be easy enough for you to do, being only at - 3, .... *remembers being old at 45 with the os and wanting to switch....* that took time :).

AZN Cinderella
AZN Cinderella

Jun-7-2006 18:53

Thanks Calalta! :)

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