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Multiple Footprints?!

Noa Lason
Noa Lason

Jun-4-2006 02:20

I found footprints from two different people. I'm assuming this means there are two killers involved - will I have to accuse both?


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jun-4-2006 03:01

Noa, there can be up to four pieces of evidence at a scene depending on the level of the case.
Only ONE of the PE will belong to the killer.
I suggest checking out the Welcome Newbie's post and the Moderator's Pick.
There is a formula on the Welcome Newbie's post that should explain a little what you need to accuse. (Or someone might just post it here too ;) )
The Welcome Newbie's post is a an awesome read... and it will basically give you everything you need to know.

Good luck and happy sleuthing!

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jun-4-2006 03:14

Heh, just you wait until you get 4 hairs and no barber contact on an A.I
*grins evilly...

...then thinks on Shen (the stupid, mean, horrid barber in Shanghai) and runs away sobbing*

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jun-4-2006 08:49

The formula for solving cases:

Liar/none + PE = Guilty
Liar/none + WE = Guilty
WE + WE = Guilty

You can always solve by WE if the shoemaker clams up on you and will not give you which suspect the footprint does belong to.

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