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The Ordinary Mystery in the Bewildering Room--I'm Stuck!!!


Jun-3-2006 16:59

I've interviewed every suspect and they all end up "clamming up quick" and I can't get them to talk. Irma is dead, and I've visited all the shops. No one will tell me anything, and the shopkeepers don't need any help. I feel like there is nothing I can do!!! Spoilers are ABSOLUTELY welcome. I'm new...please help!


Old Shoe

Jun-3-2006 17:29

Katie, the mysteries are randomly generated, so we can't tell you who the killer is. If you can't solve it, you may need to quit the mystery. Take a look at the Welcome Newbies thread on the NEwbie boards, there is useful general information on the game that may help you with solving cases. Good luck!

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