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Stuck in Doomsayers 3 - potential spoiler


Jun-3-2006 10:39

I have taken The Chinese assassin to listen/speak with Adelaide and Adelaide has clammed and won't say anthing else.

I have no where else to go and no one says anything else. What do I do now?

Thanks in advance.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jun-3-2006 12:12

Joie, if you read the other posts about this, you'll see it's not just you :)

It IS a harder FM! I had to do it a 2nd time as Ade clammed on me too.
Some people attempted it 5 times. You may need to start over. My advice is to write down what you do at each step in case you get stuck again and have to go back.

Having the full set of interview skills and gears is a big help too.


Jun-3-2006 13:11

Thanks. Was going REALLY well. Kept NO notes (murphy again). Got just about all charm skills. Thanks for writing back.


Jun-3-2006 13:12

P.S. Looked through the boards but must have missed any that talked about doom3.

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