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Storing Cases
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R Anstett
R Anstett

May-28-2006 17:55

Posting this here rather than the subscriber boards so that hopefully some unsubbed detectives will be encouraged to subscribe.

I would like to propose a feature request to make it slightly easier to store cases. If on the case tab there could be above Quit this case there could be a Store this case link also.

It would save a couple of clicks in storing cases, and also provide an incentive for unsubbed detectives to subscribe and join an agency for the ability to store cases.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

May-30-2006 09:15

:) I think the incentitives to subscribe are there. As has been stated before by Subs and Non-Subs alike, the biggest reasons people don't sub is because a) money or b) time.

And also, I think most people pretty quickly learn what subbed players have acess too. I think most of our players are pretty damn clever and have worked out the differences between being subbed and not being subbed.

I really don't how you WOULD increase the likelyhood of someone subcrising because I do think there is incentive enough already to sub. And I don't think Ben can do anything about giving people more money or time. It comes down to the fact that some people just don't want to sub.

In saying that, I really like Nikkie's idea on a different PM system for those that sub as it's a big difference that helps people who sub a great deal. However, I don't thnk even that would really be an incentive to sub as those that don't can't or don't want to sub may not need an elaborate PM system.

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