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free trip for non-subs
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May-27-2006 15:58

..( i am a sub ) but how about a free trip to a city for a non-sub as
one of the rotating least to london where it only takes
two turns of the three they get for the day...they could spend some
time in london and see more of the game...maybe get a contact...and
then with growth be encouraged to subscribe ...


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

May-29-2006 12:18

Sorry, but we don't have any plans to make travel available to non-subscribers. As Nikkie noted, curiosity about the other cities is one of our major selling points for subscriptions.

Also, the amount of free play given away on Sleuth is quite a bit already.

We're operating pretty close to capacity on our servers, so all the time spent on the game be non-subscribers is slowing down response time for paying subscribers, which isn't really fair.

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