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non-subscriber odd lot hunt
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May-25-2006 17:33

....i think the non-subscribers ought to be have a chance to engage
in a treasure could either just be a random selection
by the computer for those non-subscribers who log on a certain
amount ( say 10 times in 30 days ) and if they solve a favor the
favor could be the right to engage in a treasure hunt in their city.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

May-26-2006 05:27

*smiles* I think it's a nice idea.
However, I think after playing three cases, people are aware if they want to subscribe or not.

I really don't think the cost of subscribing is that much either. When I was a kid and had no allowance, doing jobs like babysitting, working at the school tuck shop (which I had to walk to both, barefoot in the snow, wearing just rags and when I got there, by boss would whip me) would have more than enough paid for a year's subscribtion costs. Even back then and I got paid peanuts.
As a student, although times were tough (more snow barefeet and whipping but this time from landlords) I was always able to scrap up a bit for something extra even if it did take a few months to save.

What I am saying is, subscribing is CHEAP! You get a lot for your money.
And I do think IF people REALLY wanted the benefits from subscribing, they would.

It's a great game, I've never subscribed for a game before and never will again but this one, -I'd tell everyone too. :D

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