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Newsflash! Mokita Hiring! Read all about it!
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Terrance Zorn
Terrance Zorn

May-22-2006 13:28

City News 5c

---------------------------Employment Pages---------------------------------

Mokita: a truth that everyone knows but nobody speaks.

269 Mokita Blvd. An agency on the move are now hiring.

We're looking for fun people who want to be part of a team and help build Mokita into one of the best agencies around. We want you to feel that Mokita is YOUR agency and you're an intergral part of it not just a hunt whore.

However, our expectations are high. We expect you to log in daily, follow protocol and work as a team.

We don't expect you to help out with rent or provide your own clothes as we will dress you in the best possible gear or help you attain it.
We will assist you with cases in any way possible and help you grow as a detective.

We don't have a fancy smacy webpage nor agencies in each city.
You get what you need at 269 Mokita Blvd.

We do it the old fashioned way- with teamwork, communication, hard work and fun!

Send a PM to Blueberry Hill, Lady Emerald Devon, Smoops, Dark Raven or Lady Charly who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

We look forward to having you as part of the Mokita legend.


Murphy's Law Gone Amok
Murphy's Law Gone Amok

Jun-1-2006 17:29

can i join?

Blueberry Hill
Blueberry Hill
Lucky Stiff

Jun-2-2006 17:51

Well folks, we're looking for one more dedicated recruit to join our dandy gang in London. (We're packing our gear as we speak!)

Terrance Zorn
Terrance Zorn

Jun-3-2006 14:10

City News 5c

-------------------------------Crime Section-------------------------------------------

A rowdy but good- natured farewell party held in Shanghai for 269 Mokita Blvd was once again interrupted by a break-in.

Shen Fei, Shanghai's barber who is rumoured to be involved with Ireland's Sinn Fein and Huan Yue Qian, the well-known Silk Merchant, were once caught breaking into The Ritz where the party was held.

"I don't understand this," the bewildered Lady Devon stated. "After the last farewell party where they broke in, we made sure they recieved their invitations this time."

Zheng Wu whom did not press charges the last time, nor would this time, at 269 Mokita Blvd's request swore that the pair would no longer be welcome at The Ritz.

The Shady Character was also in shock. "This is a damn good agency with damn good people. They've helped save the world from those damn dirty Doomsayers, they've kept Shanghai safe and this is how they're repaid?"

269 Mokita Blvd are well known in Shanghai having started their agency there in November last year. After leaving for London, they returned for a short while to assist the Circle of Light. They return to London, England tonight where they hope to gain a new recruit for their agency.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jun-4-2006 03:21

*Lady Emerald Devon looked around the ightclub, empty- except for the last of the cardboard boxes. She wiped a tear from her eye. Despite her distaste of rice and noodles after looking abroad so long, despite her run0ins with Shen and Huan, there was something about Shanghai.

After all, this was where it all started.
She looked towards the door as Blueberry Hill came through with Petal the Dog. She smiled, how she loved this man.

Hand in hand they walked out of the Nightclub, it would be a long trip, fours cases worth, to get back to the foggy streets of London. But they'd be back at the Church HQ-with it's expansive grounds, extensive wine cellar and many secret passages.

They all hoped 269 Mokita Blvd. would gain a new recruit to join them in London. Who knew what this new journey would bring them. Who knew WHO this new journey would bring them.*

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