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Intermediate, Advice Needed!!

Chris Martin
Chris Martin

May-16-2006 12:39

Does Hints count? Or is it just something less usefull? What if the hints and the witness evidence are parallel?





May-16-2006 12:49

the hints tell you who knows, nothing else. Witness evidence along with PE are what is needed to get it right. Also see many of the threads on this board in order to get a fuller understanding of the game.

R Anstett
R Anstett

May-16-2006 13:24

Calalta has one bit of confusing info there.

You need either PE OR WE to solve correctly and accuse.

Liar/none + PE = Guilty
Liar/none + WE = Guilty
WE + WE = Guilty

If you only have PE or WE but no alibi you can not safely accuse.
If you have PE and WE but no alibi you can not safely accuse.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

May-16-2006 15:49

*dances in the room trying out Jojo's moves after secretly making a movie of him *

There is more info about hints and the like on cfm's truely wonderful post "Welcome Newbies". All that and more.

*dances out like Vanilla Ice*

Chris Martin
Chris Martin

May-16-2006 23:09

Thanks, anyone feels like adding? Feel free to do so

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