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Favors Question


May-11-2006 08:08

I assume that whichever favor pops up after completing 3 cases is a random computer choice, but it seems for me that way too often i get the same one back to back or even 3 times. Has anyone else experienced this? It kills me on treasure hunts.



May-11-2006 08:24

I'm sure most of us have experienced that. They also seem to come in pairs... I had the combination fortune teller/barber (too) many times or waiter/podiatrist. The bartender (Delhi) on the other hand seems to be at hand in many hunts but it's damn hard to get a favor for that character.

I can highly recommend to hold favors for that particular townie :)

R Anstett
R Anstett

May-11-2006 11:49

I have heard speculation on how the favors get rotated through.

**Note this is purely a hypothetical idea that has no input from Sleuth Admin**

Each city has a "next favor" selected when you complete a favor. This seems to be determined randomly.

If you choose to hold that favor obviously there no change.

If you do the favor the new "next favor" comes up when you complete that case.

(Here is where the logic gets questionable in my mind. )

If no other detective does a favor in that city you will get the same favor request you had previously. If another detective in the game does a favor then your "next favor" will rotate to the next random townie.

So this might explain why you get the same favor three times in a row when statisicly that should be an extremely rare occurance.


I personally do not think that the above system is in play based on observed behaviour. It does not hold up to my testing with multiple detectives in the same agency alternately holding and doing favors.

I too often have seen 3 favors for the same townie come up to think that there is not something happening in the seeding of distribution of favors. I tend to think it has to do with the clock somehow and a slightly skewed generation system that tries to compensate for the number of favors done in a row.

As stated before this is only rumor or observed behaviours on my part, not to be construed as actual game mechanics.

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