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Next skill?
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May-8-2006 07:48

Currently I have:
Sweet Talking
Rule Bending
Footprint Analysis
Hair Analysis
Thread Analysis

I was thinking of buying the following skills (in that order):
1) Pick Pocketing
2) Intermediate Sweet Talking
3) Advanced Rule Bending
4) Advanced Sweet Talking
5) Advanced Thread Analysis
6) Hand Writing Analysis
7) Hypnotism
8) The rest of the skills
Do you think I'm making a mistake somewhere, and if so - where?


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jun-25-2007 15:11

Also Matthew, you might want to look at getting some smarts skills such as adv. hair or thread, and notes or footprint analysis! :)

Matthew Conners
Matthew Conners

Jun-25-2007 20:54

Thanks. I'll try to save up for them while I can. :)

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