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Next skill?
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May-8-2006 07:48

Currently I have:
Sweet Talking
Rule Bending
Footprint Analysis
Hair Analysis
Thread Analysis

I was thinking of buying the following skills (in that order):
1) Pick Pocketing
2) Intermediate Sweet Talking
3) Advanced Rule Bending
4) Advanced Sweet Talking
5) Advanced Thread Analysis
6) Hand Writing Analysis
7) Hypnotism
8) The rest of the skills
Do you think I'm making a mistake somewhere, and if so - where?



Jun-10-2007 01:22

that's what I did Titus - and why I decided to go for hypnotism and underworld. and I just wanted to know the order in which to get them. and whether it'd be mroe usefull to skip on footprint in the meanwhile

also I'd like to leave NY in the next future and don't want to wait on having to rebuild my standing with the order afterwards but getting their skill and then starting of with the next faction (I know the order's to be found in another place as well, but I'd like to move on)

V Buster
V Buster
Old Shoe

Jun-10-2007 05:18

I'd leave Underworld Connections to last. I've been playing for well over two years and I have never had to quit a case because I couldn't get the suspect out of hiding. At best the skill saves you a small amount of time (and possibly money) but most of the other skills are far more usefull.


Jun-10-2007 05:51

thanx for the help - I've just bought flirting and will see what it does.
so the next ten points are reserved for hypnotism with footprint for the ones following after that and then I'll decide where to go from there


Jun-10-2007 10:33

I'm in a "dilemma". I have all smart and charming skills plus Lock Picking (I'm an unsubbed smart and charming detective). Now I'm wondering what will be the best skill I'm going for. I thought it would be not too bad to go to a faction which has the best gear for me and than once I have the points to buy that certain skill. The last weeks it seemed to be that I should go to OoS but in the maenwhile I received gear by doing favors, and now it is useless to go ahead with OsS regarding the gear.

This is my actual conflict: the gear is not too bad at the moment - but what is the best skill I should get nex?

Lucky Stiff

Jun-10-2007 12:12

Assuming you have research already as part of your smart set, I would go for hypnotism next. Its very helpful for a charming detective and you already have the good start with OOS.


Jun-10-2007 12:19

Thanks Biggi.
(Yes, I have research already)

Matthew Conners
Matthew Conners

Jun-25-2007 10:36

I'm VERY Tough. I've grabbed the following:

Stress Detection
Lock Picking
Advanced Interrogation
Intermediate Interrogation

I was thinking Advanced Intimidation, but I'm not sure. You certainly can't bully your way to answers through the whole game (Though Matthew Conners would certainly LIKE to!) ;)

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jun-25-2007 13:36

Actually yes you can bully your way to MOST answers in the game, or charm your way. With the right gear you can get really high numbers.

Research is the first thing for you though, is a requirement to be able to get through the harder cases.

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jun-25-2007 15:11

Also Matthew, you might want to look at getting some smarts skills such as adv. hair or thread, and notes or footprint analysis! :)

Matthew Conners
Matthew Conners

Jun-25-2007 20:54

Thanks. I'll try to save up for them while I can. :)

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