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Not being subscribed and having contacts


Apr-29-2006 07:32

I read the Welcome Newbies... thread and saw the section about contacts. It said you will only get all of the contacts if you are subscribed (or that's how I interpreted it). Then after that it said one PE contact and one non-PE contact. Does that mean that since I'm unsubscribed, I only get two contacts?

Thanks in advance!:D


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Apr-29-2006 07:36

You're right, you get ne non P.E and one P.E contact BUT per city.

You cannot travel when unsubscribed therefore cannot get two contacts in EVERY city :)

There's heaps of info on the Welcom Newbie's post.. more the well worth the read.

Good luck and happy sleuthing.


Apr-29-2006 08:14

Thank you!:)

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